It has been a year.. Boston Strong

I cannot believe its been a year…  4/15/13- Boston Marathon Bombings.

I realize there have been many events that have occurred and unfortunately this wasn’t the first and may not be the last. I am surprised that today I am having flashbacks of all the messages I received from everyone last year. People I haven’t heard from in years contacted me, friends, family and clients I no longer associated with. The fear in everyone’s message was real. While I will never make it to Boston as a runner – it was the fear that anyone who enjoys running and spectating could be there. ( I then think of anyone who came to watch me run in the past- I feared for them and never invited them back to watch me since this event) Today, with a heavy heart I am thinking of all my friends who run, who was there and families impacted from this. Running changed my life and the people who are in my life have changed it in more ways than one. You all taught me to push past a struggle and keep going.. You taught me not to give up even when I wanted to -these lessons weren’t just for running. It was to be applied to life. For that I am forever greatful and I just want to put it out there I am thinking of all my running friends and spectators today… 



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I have Registrations on my mind

A few months ago, I posted that I was going to sign up for the Walt Disney World Marathon in 2015 to help my friend cross the finish line. I mentioned that this was a race I was running just for her to help her. I also added if she told me she was not interested in running the race I would be fine with it and not end up running. As registration creeps up on RunDisney fans and while everyone is waiting to sign up for WDW Marathon weekend I checked in with her. I asked her ” Do you want me to join you?” and she said  she would be fine doing it herself. Me, feeling relieved, I decided that I will NOT be running the WDW marathon in 2015. I am very happy about this. While I wanted to help and dedicate this race  to help my friend S cross a 26.2 finish line she had a hard time crossing, I felt that I set my own goals and this was something that I did not need to add. So with that being said, I am happy to virtually cheer everyone on, and happy to take a break from Disney. However, I realize I need to check in with myself and not sign up for more races than I can handle. So… I decided to run the the following races…

1- Brooklyn Half 2014- Will be doing this as a training run

2- I registered for the Philadelphia Marathon 2014!!! This will be my training run marathon and this makes me excited because last year I registered and was not able to run it due to numerous factors. I am so excited to run the streets of Philadelphia this year!!!

3-  I will be running the LA Marathon 2015 in honor of my dad!!!! I heard this race started at Dodger stadium, and since I grew up in a Dodger home, I figured this was a perfect race to have him watch me finish. I wish this was during baseball season so I can finally take him to a baseball game out there… but since this race has a lot of meaning to me ( me running in honor of my dad – who has always been one of my biggest supporters, I figured this was something to give back to him to show him how I am thankful for everything he has done.)

And.. I registered for this Crossfit competition…. Yea… LOL.


So those are the things that I am going to be focusing on until MArch 2015.. Let training commence….. and Good luck to my friend S- who will be trying to cross and defeat 26.2 at WDW. Sorry I will not be there as we originally spoke about but I know you will be able to do it!!!!









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My Oatmeal Review

Hi Everyone, Sorry it took me so long to  complete this post. I am in the middle of midterms. The past week I received My Custom Oatmeal Creation.

photo 1photo 2


I thought that when I went to the website it was pretty cool!! Yes it was overwhelming because there was so many options to choose from, but I found it fun and exciting to create my own!!! I picked more of a vegan option since I am trying to follow a Pescetarian diet. I loved how they had you choose your oatmeal,create it and then allowed you to name it. Can you imagine if this was a walk in store?? I always think creating your own things are fun. The website was user friendly and easy to manage. I recommend this to anyone who loves oatmeal.

I tried to make Oatmeal cookies but was unable to buy the stuff to make it in time. What was also wonderful about the oats was that on the back it listed the calories of your creation, along with cooking instructions.

photo 3


After the oats were cooked I loved them. I felt guilty that I did not have a specific recipe for my post so I tried mixing it with Chibani yogurt, and I did not like the mix.. It was much better plain :) I had a lot of fruit to add to it, but I thought I was being creative! LOL, I guess not.

photo 4


I recommend my readers to check out the site!! It is a lot of fun and its pretty cool to have a Custom Oatmeal named after you :)

You can go to My Oatmeal to make your own Custom Oats

DISCLAIMER: I received the product via FitApproach as I am a SweatPink Ambassador. All my thoughts and opinions on My Oatmeal are my own . 

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I pressed another registration button….

A few days ago I posted about the Disney Fit Challenge in September. 



Last year for my birthday I ran the Philadelphia RNR Half marathon. This year for my birthday I am going to participate in my first Crossfit Challenge. I really know how to celebrate birthdays, huh?

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I have marathons and health on my mind

I associate marathon training with getting sinus infections and bronchitis. Everytime I announce I want to do a certain race, I get sick and then can not train. To follow up with this statement, if you been following along, I mentioned I was going try to do an elimination diet to see if I can make living with my allergies more bearable. The last few weeks I been following a pescetarian diet, where I been eating fish, tofu, eggs, salads and fruit. I cut out gluten, used very little dairy and cut out soy. I noticed a HUGE difference in how I was feeling. I was getting less sinus infections, my bronchitis and coughing completely stopped and was feeling more energized. Yesterday afternoon, I met with a friend and did not watch my cardinal rule to stay away from breads, gluten and other things and ended up with the worst migraine EVER. I actually got sick from it. I guess this is a sign that I should stay away from certain foods?? Who knows…. but at least I found a diet that works for me..


While I been feeling healthier, I been craving about getting back to running full time again. While I was sick the last few months, my training plan for the NYRR NYC half did not go as planned which made me turn it into a fun run. In return I ended up getting lost and did not find the finish. LOL :)  ( This became a good laugh between my friends, family and I- and it really made me smile knowing that I can have a good time even when the desired outcome is not so great) Besides that it was so cold, I was convinced I was going to get myself sick again.

After hearing about the LA Marathon a few weeks ago and how it starts at Dodger stadium, I decided that I really wanted to train for this race and participate in this marathon. This is a race that finally will mean something to me as I grew up in a Dodger household. I have a year to train and I am hoping that my health works with me. In the meantime I had entered my name into the NYC Marathon lotto and will find out if I will be able to participate in the NYC Marathon this year. I decided that if I do not get into the NYCM this year, I will finally be able to register for the Philly Marathon, and redeem myself since I could not do it last year due to other obligations. We will see what happens and what the lotto decides! I have been really lucky with lottos as I was accepted to the NYC HALF AND Cherry Blossoms- however- I couldn’t really compete in NYC HALF and cannot make it to DC for the cherry blossoms race. So my outcome to getting accepted has left me not so lucky. I am optimistic that what is meant to be will be.


I pray that this year I can train for a marathon and not get sick. Let me hear from anyone else, Do you ever get sick from marathon training?

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